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Independence Day
May 01, 2008

Independence Day

By Tamara Eidelman

It did not seem like such a big deal at the time, Russia declaring its sovereignty on June 12, 1992. Everyone was doing. Maybe that is why so few people can remember the holiday now...

Twin Christmases
January 10, 2008

Twin Christmases

By Paul E. Richardson

In February 1582, the Catholic Church, in the person of Pope Gregory the thirteenth, decreed a new, more accurate calendar to replace the Julian calendar, which had been in use since 45 BC. The revision meant dropping 10 days off the year...

Ded Moroz
September 04, 2007

Ded Moroz

By Linda DeLaine

Ded Moroz; Grandfather Frost; is the Russian counterpart to the Western Santa Claus and other Gift Givers worldwide. He and his assistant, Snegurochka, continue to delight children and adults alike. In 2000, Santa Claus traveled to Russia to meet Ded Moroz for the first time!

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