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We connect Russophiles with the Russia they love. 

Our tribe of readers is connected through books, periodicals, and publications that unravel the mysteries of Russia; together we share a passion for Russian history, culture, language, and society. 

We are abhorred by the war.

Like you, we are angered and saddened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. From Day 1 of the conflict, we took a very clear stance. We have since revamped the magazine to focus more on matters of the greatest concern.

There are stories that need to be told.

These times pose an unprecedented challenge for Russia and its people. Almost all Western journalists have been kicked out of the country, and censorship and fear make independent reporting by Russians very difficult. 

It is our mission to use our contacts and 30 years of experience to keep telling the stories of Russia that need to be told, especially now – of resistance, dissent, and resilience. You can support us, and the independent Russian journalists who report for us, by simply subscribing to our print or online versions (or both)!

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About Us

Russian Life is a publication of a 30-year-young, award-winning publishing house that creates a bimonthly magazine, books, maps, and other products for Russophiles the world over.

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