May/June 2015

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    On remembering who really won the war.

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    Letters to the Editor

    Readers chime in.

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    Wagnerian Passions

    Censorship seeps into the theater.

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    Note Book

    Note Book

    All the news that fits.

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    Hospice Pain

    On the unnecessary difficulties that those undergoing cancer and hospice care must endure.

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    Day of Victory

    On the history of celebrations commemorating the end of World War II.

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    Russian Calendar

    Free Economic Society

    The Free Economic Society was founded on June 26, 1765, promoted by several Russian aristocrats that earned the blessing of Catherine II herself.

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    Old and New Holidays of Spring

    There are known and lesser known holidays celebrated each spring. Let's review.

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    Language Learning

    Mayskie Prazdniki

    The language insert in this issue takes off from Tamara Eidelman's article on May Holidays.

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    Survival Russian

    A War By Any Other Name

    This issue's language column looks at the many subtleties of what one calls the war, and some parts of it.

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    Signatures of War

    What better way to remember veterans of World War II than through portraits? Arthur Bondar’s project takes us there.

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    A Forest Terem

    Deep in a northern forest, a restless adventurer discovered a crumbling relic of a bygone era. Since then, he has been fighting against the odds to restore it.

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    A Photo Bug

    We catch up with a Russian émigré who has turned his love of photography and his hankering for business into one of the most successful online photo marketplaces.

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    Siberian Punk

    Who knew? The heart of Siberia, a place best known for its severe winters, was the birthplace of one of the most original, raw rock movements ever to hit the USSR.

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    Chukotka Gold

    A new movie taps into nostalgia for the Soviet era, recounting the discovery of gold in the Russian far northeast.

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    The Kryashen

    Neither Tatar or Russian, the Kryashen are a fascinating ethnic minority that struggles to defend its place, and identity, in southern Russia.

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    A Classic Treat

    Stuffed prunes. So much more than you think they are. Luxurious and tasty, and a perfect treat for spring.

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    Under Review

    A Dangerous Woman and a Soviet Kid

    In which we review "A Very Dangerous Woman," by Deborah McDonald and Jeremy Dronfield; "The Complete Folktales of A.N. Afanas'ev," by Jack V. Haney; "USSR: Diary of a Perestroika Kid," by Vladimir Kozlov; "Moscow, St. Petersburg & The Golden Ring," by Masha Nordbye; and "High Society Dinners," by Yuri Lotman.

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    The things people say these days when they don't say anything can be rather illuminating.


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