January/February 2008

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Six Years That Shook the World

In which we look back at the heroes and Herods of the era of perestroika, tracking many of them down, to see where life has taken them these last 20 years.

The Jewish King of the Samoyed

He was a Jew who fled Portugal, failed at business in Hamburg and ended up in Russia. So of course he was the logical choice to become Peter the Great's new King of the Samoyed.

Reconnecting Adoptees

Russia remains one of America's largest sources of foreign adoption. Now, after more than a decade of cross-cultural adoptions, thousands of children from Russia are bound to begin wondering about their roots. Some, in fact, are already digging.

Confessions of an Illegal

He lived secretly in the West under deep cover, working in offices, at dry cleaners, as a trade representative. He gathered intelligence deemed critical to the Soviet state. Now, he's talking to us.

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