November/December 2012

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Where We First Touched Outer Space

The world's largest and most active space port is situated in the middle of the Kazakh desert. Largely off-limits to outsiders, it is an unusual mix of hi-tech and low-key. And it was from here, just over 50 years ago, that humankind first reached out to touch the stars.

Publishing for Kids

Vadim Meshcheryakov was halfway through a successful career as a banker when he gave it all up to publish children's books. But not just any children's books.

The Tiny Oasis

Not far from the middle of Moscow, there is a diminutive church with a distinctive legend at the heart of its history. We went for a visit.

Spirits of the Home and Forest

Russian place spirits - including the domovoy, bannik, fleshy, rusalka and others - have a history that stretches back to Rus' pagan past. And despite the crush and frenzy of modern life, these spirits impact Russians to this day.

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