July/August 2012

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Thick Fog Over London

The Olympics are upon us again, and already pundits are guessing at national medal counts. We, meanwhile, look at some of Russia’s top medal hopefuls.

Matilda Kshesinskaya

It would be hard to imagine a ballerina’s life that was more storied than Matilda Kshesinskaya’s. Celebrated on world stages, the lover of tsars and princes, she lived to be 99 years old.

Running City

There is no better way to get to know Moscow than to explore it on foot. And no better way to enjoy the exploration than to make a game of it!

Northern Limits

Over the past few years Russia has sought to extend its protection and dominion over the Arctic. But this is not a new pursuit. In fact, this year marks the centenary of several significant explorations of the Russia’s northern boundaries.

Departments and More

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    Flipping Publishing

    We have an ambitious, exciting new publishing project, so we are turning to you, our Tribe of Russophiles and bibliophiles, to partner with us.

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    Letters to the Editor

    Readers comment and correct.

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    Back in the Saddle

    On May 7, Vladimir Putin glided back into the Kremlin to take the oath of office for his third presidential term. Moscow was eerily empty...

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    Note Book


    All the news that fits from all across Russia.

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    Travel Notes

    Travel Notes

    The latest from the travel front.

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    It's All About the Eyeballs

    This spring, the front page of the Yandex search engine surpassed Chanel One in number of viewers. What does this say about the future of state-controlled media and political culture in Russia?

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    Russian Calendar

    The Summer of 1612

    A look back at the re-taking of Moscow from the Poles 300 years ago, by a couple of unlikely heroes.

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    Russian Calendar

    Moscow Calling

    The arrive of telephones in Moscow in 1882 fundamentally changed the way citizens interacted with one another.

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    Russian Calendar

    Catherine Ascends; Peter Falls

    We read history through the eyes of the victors, and in June 1762, the victor was a German-born princess newly ascended to the throne with her husband, Peter III. To history she became known as Catherine the Great.

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    Survival Russian

    A Twist in My Insobriety

    A sober examination of some of the language of sobriety - trezvost.

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    Language Learning

    Catherine II

    This issue's linguistic insert focuses on Catherine the Great's diary and view on what is important in life.

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    The Curious Entente Cordial

    Their lives unfolded in parallel, as their nations were immersed in rebellion and reform. Some 150 years ago, each freed their country’s enslaved masses, and each ended up paying with their life.

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    Collective Vision

    Against the grim backdrop of Stalin's rise, Sergei Gerasimov painted a radiant image of collectivism. While politically propagandistic, it makes beautiful use of light and mood. And it features a collective feast where surely Sour Cabbage - this issue's recipe - would be welcome.

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    Under Review

    Chernobyl, Chechnya and a bit of Scifi

    A review of "Visit Sunny Chernobyl," by Andrew Blackwell, "Sniper" by Nicolai Lilin, "Roadside Picnic" by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, and Natasha Borzilova's new CD, "Out of My Hands."

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    Post Script

    The Blessing of Language

    In early June, a noisy, colorful band landed in Manhattan: Thirty Russian authors, two dozen publishers, as many journalists, and half as many organizers.

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