July/August 2009

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The Beauty Hunter

Anton Alfer has a problem. He is a model scout in the land of models. Fifty percent of the world's top models issue from the former Soviet Union. Alfer has to choose which girls will make it and which won't.

Soviet Karelia

Eighty years ago, thousands of Finns who had emigrated to America were convinced to return east, to create a new, Finnish homeland in the Soviet Republic of Karelia. Things did not work out exactly as planned.

The 1959 Kitchen Debate

Fifty years ago this summer, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and American Vice President Richard Nixon sparred before the media, debating the merits of Capitalism versus Communism on the site of the first-ever American Exhibition in Moscow. It set the stage for 40 years of cultural exchanged.

Walking for the Tsar

Ninety years after their assassination in Yekaterinburg, the Romanov Royal Family has become an object of intense devotion and veneration.

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