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1. Leave or Die

In which we visit a "typical" Siberian town and dig into the issues and people who live there.

Tags: soviet era, monotowns, siberia
2. To Serve is to Struggle

What does it take to rebuild a church and a community, in the back of nowhere?

Tags: siberia, church
3. We Have Land Enough

How the situation in Russia looks from a village in the very remote and very Far East.

Tags: rural life, siberia, russian far east
4. An Anthem of Dissent

A Russian man in Tyumen was arrested for playing the Ukrainian national anthem in public.

Tags: war in ukraine, music, government, dissent, Ukraine, Siberia
5. Lessons from a Hermit

In a remote corner of Siberia, the last of a family of Old Believers lives her life in a state of time out of time. With a little help from some friends.

Tags: Old Believers, Siberia
6. Battle of the Zoo Mascots

A Siberian zoo's mascot competition has ended in fraudulent activity, anger, and political outrage. 

Tags: politics, mascot, zoo, Siberia, novosibirsk
7. Deadly Farmer Dispute in Siberia

Police search for perpetrator guilty of killing an entire herd of horses in a deadly rivalry between farmers. 

Tags: agriculture, Siberia, law enforcement, crime, Altai, horse
8. A Treacherous Beauty

You may have heard of Tuva because of its stamps. But the Siberian Russian republic is so much more, offering a curious mixture of deep cultural traditions, natural beauty, and mortal danger. 

Tags: altai, siberia, tuva
9. He Wouldn't Bear It

A clever hunter made a move to pluck himself out of an unbearable fate nearly a month ago. This week, his friend explained how he managed to help.

Tags: help, krasnoyarskiy krai, siberia, taiga, hunting, hunter, bear
10. Dostoyevsky in Siberia and Beyond

Dostoyevsky spent ten years of his life exiled to Russia's Eastern hinterlands. Beyond the Urals, there are several places that shaped Dostoyevsky and influenced many of his greatest works of literature.

Tags: prison, Kazakhstan, barnaul, tyumen, Omsk, exile, Siberia, history, author, literature, dostoevsky

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 101

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