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1. "The Killers" Kill the Mood in Georgia

"The Killers" was booed at a concert in Georgia for inviting a Russian fan onstage and implying that Russians and Georgians were brothers.

Tags: war in georgia, russians in Georgia, georgia, music, The Killers
2. Street Musicians Killed by Missile

Two musicians were performing on the streets of Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. An hour later, a Russian missile strike killed them.

Tags: missiles, music, Zaporizhzhia, war in ukraine
3. A Video Song-Apology

Three waterpark employees in Crimea were fined and forced to sing "Vladimir Putin is Great" after dancing to a Ukrainian song.

Tags: dissent, police, music, verka serduchka, Crimea
4. Don't Give Me Your Flowers

Two concertgoers at a concert after one chanted “glory to Ukraine.”

Tags: war in ukraine, dissent, music, Diana Arbenina
5. Rockstar Declared Foreign Agent

The Ministry of Justice released a list of new "foreign agents." Among them is Boris Grebenshchikov, a respected founder of Russian Rock.

Tags: music, war in ukraine, ministry of justice, foreign agents, boris grebenshikov
6. He Warned Police Would Kill Him. He is Dead

A dissident in Rostov-on-Don reported torture and death threats while in prison. He was found dead a day before his trial.

Tags: Rostov-on-Don, law, music, dissent, police
7. Imagine Dragons Shows Reality in Ukraine

The band Imagine Dragons released a short film shot in Ukraine, telling the story of a teenager who survived Russian shelling.

Tags: politics, Zelensky, music, war in ukraine
8. Wanted for a Lullaby

Moscow police have threatened a known comedian with arrest after he released an anti-war song about murdered Russian soldiers.

Tags: internet, music, russians abroad, war in ukraine, dissent
9. Concert Confusion

A popular singer's concerts have been canceled after being blacklisted by Russia.

Tags: concert, banned, valery meladze, music
10. Notes at the Front

Musicians have not been spared from the criminalization of protest and expression. We also share Ilya Yashin's final words.

Tags: poetry, dissent, music

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 72

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