September/October 2016

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    Now a Sexagenarian

    With this issue, Russian Life turns 60. Is a magazine like this still necessary? More than ever, we think.

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    Not Afraid

    An online movement is aiming to reshape perceptions about domestic violence.

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    Poke This

    A look at how the Pokemon craze is playing out in Russia.

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    The Year 1956

    A look back at the events and controversies that engaged Russia and the world in 1956, the year that Russian Life was founded.

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    Survival Russian

    Stumping for Trump, Lynchin' Clinton

    The electoral season is in full swing in Russia — or rather, the Russian press is in high-gear reporting, commenting, and interpreting the US presidential elections.

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    Language Learning

    Russian Riddles

    This issue's language supplement poses some difficult linguistic riddles. Can you solve them?

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    Art Takes a Village

    The 11th International Festival of Landscape Art, Arkhstoyanie, took place on July 23-24 in Kaluga Oblast. We sent Nadezhda Grebennikova and Mikhail Mordasov to take a look.

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    A Russian Master in Britain

    Boris Anrep left Russia after the Revolution and made a life in Britain as one of world’s greatest artists. But in Russia he left behind a great love named Akhmatova.

    Russians Abroad
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    Crossing Siberia

    Matt Traver decided to walk across Siberia and create a documentary film in the process. His first leg didn’t go very smoothly.

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    Malevich's Ukrainian Square

    A century-old work of art by an avant-garde artist has become a symbol for the growing rift between Russia and Ukraine, just as more is being learned about its famous artist.

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    Field Notes from the Empire's Edge

    Vladimir Arsenyev was a 28-year-old army officer when he set out to map and study Russia’s Ussuri Kray, bordering China and the Pacific. Thankfully, he also had an eloquent pen.

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    A Prowess-Testing Pie

    Russian Wedding Pie (Kurnik) makes great party fare, but it also has an interesting history connected to fall holidays.

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    Under Review

    Memoirs and Filmmaking

    Reviews of two books by Teffi and a novel, Masha Regina, by Vadim Leventhal.

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    Two Moments

    Two superbly captured athletic moments for two Russian athletes at the Rio games.


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