May/June 2009

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100 Things Everyone Should Know About Russia

In honor of this, our 100th issue since July 1995, we went in search of 100 Things Everyone Should Know About Russia. We returned with over 300 and packed them into this colorful, browsable feature. Time to test yourself! The 16-page feature includes contributions from Stanislav Shvabrin, John Freedman, Maria Antonova, Darra Goldstein, Jeanmarie Rouhier-Willoughby, Tamara Eidelman, Marcus Levitt and Laura Williams, with wonderful original illustrations by Katya Korobkina.

Zaryade: Moscow Quiet Nook

A cobblestone’s throw from the Kremlin walls, there was once a rabbit-warren of crooked streets and tall buildings called Zaryade. For a time, it was the capital's Old Town and considered a prestigious place of residence. Neglected, the area deteriorated in the 20th century and most of it was torn down. But the memories remain.

Cultural Clones

Be it in films, literature, television, music or art, Russia has a long tradition of cloning western (and eastern) cultural icons and making them its own. We survey several of the more interesting and recent instances, from Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh, to The Wheel of Fortune and Big Brother.

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