May/June 2005

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Stalin's Folly

Why did Stalin stubbornly ignore mounds of intelligence and repeated warnings from his top generals that Hitler was preparing to invade the Soviet Union in June 1941?

The Bryansk Forest Sternly Stirred

One of the most important fronts in the Great Patriotic War was the one in the forests, villages and fields behind enemy lines – where partisans took on the German War Machine.

War and Peace

Sixty years ago, the spring of 1945 dawned with hope for a new era, an end to World War, a return to music and dancing...

Reindeer Nation

Just north of Chita, in Siberia, is a little-known and rapidly diminishing nomad people, the reindeer-herding Kalar Evenks.

Hearing Voices

Three thoughtful young female singer-songwriters reflect the aspirations, moods and emerging worldview of Russia’s youth.

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