May/Jun 2004

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Kremlin Ghosts

Hidden behind the walls of Moscow’s ancient fortress are phantoms and shades from centuries gone by.

What are They Teaching Our Kids?

Profound changes are afoot that will alter how future generations of Russians see the world. In schools across Russia, new curricula are being introduced, history is being rewritten, and the role of religion in education is being hotly debated.

A History in Wood

The intricately carved wood architecture of Tomsk is unique to the region, and its variations tells of the town's history.

Akhmatova: The Poet Who Buried Stalin

Anna Akhmatova was one of the most important Russian poets of the 20th century. On the anniversary of her birth, we look back on her life and work, both vivid reflections of twentieth century Russia.

Boom Time: Siberia's Oil-Rich Middle Class

When you hear about Russia’s nascent middle class, talk is usually about Muscovites or Petersburgers. But what about Siberians? We sent an intrepid reporter to investigate.

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