May 1997

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Russia, Take Heart

An examination of Russia's ailing healthcare system, through the lens of Moscow's elite Bakulev Center. Bakulev is one of the best heart hospitals in all Russia. So why is the paint peeling and who do doctors and nurses moonlight? If this is the best, what of the rest?

A Plague Ignored

Most health experts, including the Russian Ministry of Health, are predicting between 800,000-1 million HIV-infected Russians by the year 2000. With this in mind, Russian Life’s Carlota Zimmerman looks at HIV/AIDS in the FSU. 

The Couture of Power

Elizabeth I (1741-1761) loved horseback riding, carousing and building palaces, but not ruling. Meet the daughter of Peter the Great.

The Body Politic

A revealing retrospective on Russian leaders' health, from Lenin to Yeltsin -- what they have sought to cover up, and why.

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