March/April 2012

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The Long Retreat

Soviet Russia was never more threatened than when the Czech Legion nearly turned the tide in the Civil War (1918-1922). We follow the story of one noble family, whose fate was wrapped up in this dramatic historical episode.

The Ice Has Broken

As the old saying has it, you can never tire of watching fire, water and other people working. Northerners would also add that you can look endlessly at ice drifting down a river.

A Woman's Honor (or, When Pigs Fly)

One summer night in 1764, in a provincial Russian village, a dispute broke out between two cousins. Words were exchanged, a pig was thrown, and a 30-year legal battle was born.

Alexander Herzen

He was a poet, revolutionary, memoirist, publisher and emigre. He was a scion of the Bolsheviks, but he would have wanted nothing to do with them. 

The Mail Troika

Every language has words for which it is known the world over. Troika is one such word in Russian, and this equine configuration was critical to the history of Russian letters. And by that we don’t mean literature.

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