March/April 2009

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Understanding Gogol

Recognized soon after his first publication as a writer of great promise, Gogol went on to prove the critics right, and to create a body of work that has no equal in the Russian pantheon. This April (or March, depending on your calendar) is his bicentenary.

The Hunger Artist

Gogol's writing is intensely sensual - full of rich tastes, smells, sights and sounds. We consider how his fixation on food and digestion influenced his storytelling, how, as Nabokov put it, "the belly is the belle of his stories."

Dead Souls for Two Metronomes

From Gogol's work have arisen some truly great works of music. We look at the composers he influenced and the music they have offered.

Still More Gogol

Some additional notes on Gogolian influences in Russian life.

Baltic Outpost

Kaliningrad is unlike anywhere else in Russia. Half German, half Russian, it perches on the Baltic coast, uncertain where the winds of history might blow it.

Art Repatriated

Russia is quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) searching out and bringing home lost treasures. This is the story of one of those quests - to return to Russia a rather amazing and singular collection.

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