July/August 2004

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Looking for Athenian Gold

Olympic fever is coming! Russia’s team is strong, diverse and well-placed to excel in this summer’s medal race.

The Bear Whisperers

The Pazhetnovs rescue abandoned and injured bears, nurse them to health and train them to survive in the wild. Then they let them go.

Saving the Chelyuskin

Seventy years ago, the icebreaker Chelyuskin was trapped in arctic ice, its 112 passengers and crew stranded off Chukotka. Then Soviet airmen mounted a daring airborne rescue unlike anything ever before attempted.

Planet Hermitage

Two score and two centuries ago, Catherine the Great founded a museum. Today, it is a planet unto itself.

Kolyma Gold

Siberia’s gold is one of its greatest riches. But that wealth is buried in one of the least hospitable places on Earth.

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