January/February 2013

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The Long Way Home

One hundred and fifty years ago, Tsarist Russia expelled some 400,000 Circassians from their homeland in the Caucasus. Now some of them – caught in the middle of the Syrian Civil War – want to return.

On the Iron Roads

For the past 175 years, railways have bound together the sprawling Russian state, enabling industrialization, social mobility and contact with the outside world. Yet they have also been an important cultural and literary touchpoint.

Crowning Achievements

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the beginning of the Romanov dynasty in Russia. A Washington museum is using the anniversary to show off some of its unique holdings, including several amazing coronation albums.

Stanislavsky at 150

Actor and director Konstantin Stanislavsky, born a century and a half ago this month, probably had more impact on twentieth century theater, movies and acting than any single individual.

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