January/February 2003

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Through Muslim Eyes

After last fall's terrorist act in a Moscow theater, Russia's Muslim population has come under increased scrutiny and pressure.

Studying Russian Outside the Capitals

Some reasons to consider studying Russian outside Moscow and St. Petersburg, with a listing of schools and their programs in provincial cities.

Forever Amber

For forty million years, it was just tree sap trapped under earth and water. Now it is being transformed into soft gems that will resurrect the famous Amber Room.

Marina Raskova and Soviet Women Aviators of WWII

Marina Raskova, who founded the world's first female aviator corps, has a life story as amazing as the achievements of the corps bearing her name that went on to fight in WWII.

St. Petersburg in Black & White

This stark, vivid exhibition of photos and etchings of St. Petersburg offers a fascinating take on the Northern Capital.

Winner Take All

From rather inauspicious origins in the Ural mountains, Konstantin Tszyu has gone on to become the world's greatest boxer in his weight class. But he has never lost his perspective.

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