August 1997

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Come to Moscow, Brother ...

All Moscow is preparing for September's big 850th anniversary bash. In honor of the upcoming celebration, we offer a look at the history and spirit of Europe's largest city. Includes great timeline of Moscow history.

Moscow 1947

Fifty years ago, Moscow celebrated its 800th anniversary. But things were very different then. The Second World War was barely over and Stalin was still at the helm of the Soviet state. Yet, interestingly, he did not show for the celebration.

In the Footsteps of St. George

Who is St. George, patron saint of Moscow? We examine the facts and legends behind the mythical saint.

Moscow Lights

It is hard to imagine Moscow without the spotlights bouncing off the Kremlin walls, or without the now brightly decorated storefronts. But it was not that long ago that, come sunset, Moscow was enveloped in darkness.

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