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1. If You Prick Kadyrov, Does He Not Bleed?

Reports reveal that Chechnya's president has a terminal pancreatic condition. Or does he?

Tags: social media, health, kadyrov
2. Russia Wines Down Drinking

Russia plans to curb alcohol consumption by 12 percent.

Tags: ministry of health, health, policy, alcohol
3. Emerging HIV Epidemic?

One-fourth of Russian regions are experiencing a critical HIV situation alongside a shortage of medicine.

Tags: russia file, government, regions, epidemics, health
4. Another Reason to Cover Your Mouth When You Cough

Russia is suffering through an especially bad flu and respiratory infection season.

Tags: pandemic, government, health
5. COVID Soars Again

Over the past week, Russia has seen a nearly 50 percent spike in COVID-19 cases.

Tags: coronavirus, health, covid 19
6. Masking Required Here

As COVID-19 cases rise, the Russian White House is implementing a mask mandate.

Tags: mask, eris, health, covid 19, pandemic
7. A Shortage of Drugs

Nearly 200 medications could vanish from the Russian market due to sanctions and isolation.

Tags: medicine, war, economy, health
8. Antidepressants on the Rise

Antidepressant use in Russia has skyrocketed over the last year, especially in St. Petersburg.

Tags: st petersburg, mental health, medicine, health
9. A Woman's Choice, or a Vicious Practice?

Russia's Minister of Health advocates teaching children to prioritize childbirth before a career.

Tags: health, women's rights, childbirth, education
10. Russia To Ban Gender Reassignment?

A bill was introduced to the State Duma that would ban gender-affirming surgery and gender changes in official documents.

Tags: health, duma, social issues, human rights, lgbt

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 98

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