Published March 05, 2018

Resilience: Life Stories of Centenarians Born in the Year of Revolution

  • by Paul E. Richardson, Nadya Grebennikova and Mikhail Mordasov

Resilience: Life Stories of Centenarians Born in the Year of Revolution
  • 256 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-880100-54-7
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Call it resilience, grit, or just perseverance – it takes a special sort of person to have survived the last 100 years of Russian and Soviet history. 

The 22 heroes in this volume were all born in 1917 – Russia’s year of revolution – somewhere within the bounds of the Russian empire as it then existed. They lived through Civil War, Collectivization, World War II, the Cold War, and the collapse of the USSR. Indeed, their lives are a living reflection of the past Russian century, and their stories show us a side of history not available in any other resource.

The authors of this project sought out these centenarians for months, then traveled over 20,000 kilometers across Russia and Eastern Europe, from sprawling metropolises to tiny villages, capturing poignant images, moving life stories, and stunning video. This book is the fruit of those efforts. A companion documentary film was also created, and is available via streaming.

Watch the Film

The film is now available for free viewing here.

Media Reviews

"By assembling these intimate memories of 'ordinary' people, the book offers a glimpse into 'Russianness' and a collective history of this often-troubled nation."

– Pamela Polston, Seven Days newspaper

Reader Reviews

“An amazing collection of Russian history through the eyes of those who lived through it. The book was written well. I commend all those involved in this project who made it so successful. Молодец!!!”

“Beautiful, remarkable, inspiring and the last chance to hear these stories from people who actually lived in these honour to have this book.”

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