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1. A Snowy Protest

After a week of heavy snow, Voronezh locals painted snowdrifts with calls for the local government to finally remove them.

Tags: winter, cities, voronezh, dissent, snow
2. Flowers for Dnipro

Russians across the country spontaneously mourned the victims of their country's January 14 missile attack on Dnipro, Ukraine, which crushed an apartment building.

Tags: memorials, cities, war in ukraine, Dnipro
3. Where the Streets Have Names

Ukraine has begun a "derussification" of street names, replacing them with names of important Ukrainians.

Tags: war in ukraine, culture, cities, Ukrainians, Ukraine
4. Deukrainianization

Russian authorities seek to eradicate all and any association with Ukraine... including blue-and-yellow color schemes.

Tags: architecture, cities, Ukraine
5. Blue and Yellow Lights

Many famous landmarks across the globe have been illuminated with blue and yellow lights, showing solidarity with Ukraine. 

Tags: international, new york, cities, war in ukraine, Ukraine
6. Bringing Warmth to the Arctic

Russia's Arctic towns are overdue for a makeover and graffiti is just what these chilly outposts need.

Tags: government, cities, art, arctic
7. What's in a Name?

Yandex.Maps has completed a surprising study of all the places in Russia, and they even figured out how to get from the Moon to Mars. 

Tags: alphabet, travel, Internet, humor, village, towns, cities, yandex
8. The False Borises

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, especially when it comes to one's name on a ballot.

Tags: government, st. petersburg, cities, politics
9. An Architectural Crime; or, Shedquarters

A new village police station, unveiled with much pomp, occupies what appears to be a repurposed corrugated metal shed.

Tags: government, cities, towns, village life, corruption, police
10. New York, Back on the Map

After sixty years of going by another name, New York, Ukraine, is back in action.

Tags: Ukraine, new york, communism, history, cities

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