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11. Less than Ship Shape

The flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet has been lost; whether to an accidental fire or anti-ship missiles depends on who you ask.

Tags: navy, military, war in ukraine
12. Is This the Plan?

Putin says things are going according to plan in Ukraine. What if he's right?

Tags: international relations, military, putin, war in ukraine
13. Russian Perspectives on the War in Ukraine

An exploration of Russian perspectives on the war in Ukraine.

Tags: putin, military, repression, media, interviews, perspectives, war in ukraine
14. Rasputitsa: Or, How Ukraine's Mud Is Foiling Putin

One of Russia's greatest military allies has become a potent adversary in Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

Tags: military, war in ukraine, history
15. Why Putin Invaded Ukraine

A brief analysis of why exactly Putin invaded Ukraine. And the reason he's giving.

Tags: military, putin, 2022, war in ukraine
16. Of Borscht and Tank Traps

"Yes, this is Odessa. Someone cooks borshch and potatoes for Ukrainian soldiers, and someone cooks anti-tank hedgehogs."

– Journalist Larisa Kozova, reporting on Odessa's defense
Tags: war in ukraine, black sea, Odessa, military
17. Cryptocurrency Goes to War

"Total donations to the APU in cryptocurrency have grown to $12.7 million. This is just two days! Most of all donations are made to Ethereum - $5.5 million, Bitcoin - $4.4 million, Tether - $2.1 million."

– Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation, speaking on cryptocurrency donations to the army 
Tags: military, war, economy, cryptocurrency, Ukraine
18. Bellyaching in Belarus

Locals near Belarus's border with Ukraine have complaints about ill-mannered interlopers: Russian troops.

Tags: Ukraine, men, military, belarus
19. Make Not War Art

"In connection with the incident, the State Hermitage was forced to apply to the prosecutor's office of St. Petersburg with a statement to conduct a prosecutor's check and assess the actions of a citizen for possible violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including in terms of public insult to the memory of the Defenders of the Fatherland.”

– Press Service of the St. Petersburg Hermitage, announcing it would be reviewing an artist’s behavior for potentially insulting the veterans of the Patriotic War of 1812.
Tags: veterans, legislation, patriotic war of 1812, military, painting, artwork, hermitage
20. Fountain Frolicking Forbidden

The St. Petersburg city government has threatened to prevent traditional celebrations of VDV Day by turning off its fountains. Such grinches.

Tags: government, city, st. petersburg, holiday, military

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