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1. Crimean Hostages

Russian journalists discovered a secret jail for Ukrainian civilians in Crimea.

Tags: russia file, law, ukraine war, dissent
2. Thank You For Your Service

Russian hypersonic rocket scientists have been accused of treason.

Tags: government, russia file, espionage, science
3. Russia is on Fire

According to Greenpeace, 5 million hectares of Russian's forests are burning.

Tags: government, russia file, wildfires, environment
4. Russia is Officially "Ruscist"

The Ukrainian Parliament has adopted a resolution that describes Russia’s current regime as "ruscism."

Tags: government, law, russia file, international relations
5. Sweet Discrediting

A court in Moscow fined a pastry chef for anti-war and anti-Putin cakes.

Tags: russia file, ukraine war, law, dissent
6. The Risk of Treason

The Russian State Duma has approved Criminal Code amendments that introduce life imprisonment for treason. And not just spies are at risk.

Tags: ukraine war, russia file, law, espionage
7. More War, More Debts, More Money

The microfinance company tied to President Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife increased its profits by 66% in 2022.

Tags: corruption, russia file, putin, war in ukraine, economy
8. Too Free for Russia

The Russian Prosecutor General's office has declared the Free University "undesirable."

Tags: government, university, russia file, dissent
9. No Money, Only War

Russian authorities blame the "special military operation" for the disruption of infrastructural and social projects.

Tags: russia file, government, war in ukraine, economy
10. The Moscow-City Laundromat

Crypto exchanges in the main commercial district of Moscow transfer money to the UK anonymously.

Tags: economy, NGOs, russia file

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 11

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