September/October 2014

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    For Better or Worse

    Every time one thinks that things just can‘t get any worse on the US-Russian relations front, they do.

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    Food Fight

    In retaliation for the West's sanctions on Russia, Russian sanctions... itself.

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    Note Book

    Note Book

    All the news that fit.

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    Travel Notes

    Everything of note on the travel front.

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    Language of War

    A look a the neologisms of the Ukraine war, and Russia's neoactivist Duma.

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    Survival Russian

    The Doctor is In

    Make your Russian a bit healthier with this dose of medical speak.

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    Language Learning


    This issue's language insert looks at the work of Yuri Nagibin, featured in the Calendar section.

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    Le Fameux Nikita

    A look back at the oft maligned Nikita Khrushchev, on the 50th anniversary of his ouster.

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    False Dmitry

    In October 1604, an army under the command of a man claiming to be Dmitry, son of Ivan IV (the Terrible), crossed the Russian border from Poland. Dmitry – now generally believed to be the impostor Grigory Otrepyev actually succeeded. For a time.

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    Conservative Congress

    Two hundred years ago, after Napoleon's downfall, the heads of Europe got together to fashion the new Europe, which they wanted to look rather a lot like the old Europe, except Tsar Alexander wanted some changes.

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    Menshikov the Scientist

    In October 1714 Alexander Menshikov, one of Peter the Great’s closest associates, received a letter from England signed by Sir Isaac Newton himself. Newton informed Menshikov that he had been elected to Britain’s Royal Society.

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    Moscow's Zoo

    One hundred and fifty years ago, Moscow‘s zoo opened just outside the city‘s Garden Ring. Ever since, the 53-acre institution has been deeply embedded in the city‘s life.

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    In Pushkin's Shadow

    Mikhail Lermontov, whom many consider Russia‘s second greatest poet, was born 200 years ago. We consider the enduring mysteries of his philosophy and work.

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    In Search of the Wild Wolf

    Three documentarians traveled to one of Russia‘s most pristine, remote locations to film wolves that have never before had contact with humans. We tag along.

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    Photo Feature

    On the Street

    Photographer Dmitry Ryzhkov captures extraordinary moments of ordinary Russians on the streets of Moscow. Sometimes it gets him into trouble.

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    Summer on the Amur

    What could be more Russian than enjoying freshly cooked shashlyk at the summer dacha? Yet summer has many "seasons" of its own. And they vary even within regions.

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    Under Review

    Poets and Steam

    Where we review two books by and about poets, and one about banyas. All are highly recommended.

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    Post Script

    An Ambivalent Relationship

    A look at the historically testy relationship between Russians and Ukrainians.

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