September/October 2012

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1812 First Person

It gave birth to the greatest novel ever written, brought down Napoleon, reshaped Europe, led to the end of serfdom, the invention of terrorism, and, eventually, the end of tsarism. It was tremendous folly, horrific hubris and astounding heroism. And it happened 200 years ago this fall. We turn to people who lived through the War of 1812 for their first person accounts.

The Age of Aquarium

For 40 years, Boris Grebenshchikov and Aquarium have made music like no other band in Russia, combining poetry and beautiful, often quizzical instrumentals into a charming sound that is at once entirely unique and entirely Russian.

On the Brink

Fifty years ago this October, the world walked to the brink of nuclear holocaust, looked over the edge, and stepped back. This is the account of one actor in that frightful drama, someone who dared to take a stand and may just have ended up saving the planet.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Russia is one of just three countries that has a land border with North Korea. It is not a large frontier, but the Russian-Korean nexus is nonetheless significant, beginning with the placement of North Korea’s puppet dictator after World War II and stretching up to guest workers in the present day.

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