November/December 2014

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    Idols and Anniversaries

    The Wall and Iron Felix may be gone, but one important thing never happened, which explains plenty about modern Russian politics.

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    Note Book

    The New Separatists

    While Russia encourages "federalization" in Ukraine, it is jailing persons who dare call for decentralization at home, even if they are only using humor to make a point.

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    Season of Scandals

    As summer turned into fall, a series of highly public spats broke out in Russia, with celebrities and cultural figures demonstrating deeply polarized attitudes about the crisis in Ukraine, the Kremlin, and history.

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    The Great Wrong Turn

    A look back at the proclamation of Collectivization, in November 1929, leading essentially to the reinstatement of serfdom in Russia.

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    Catherine's Medal

    On December 7, 1714, Peter I established a new medal named after his wife. This was a rather special medal...

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    The Forgotten Winter War

    You won't find much about the Russo-Finnish War (1939-40) in Russian history books.

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    Kirov's Murder

    On December 1, 1934, the USSR was shocked by the murder of Sergei Kirov, leader of Leningrad. But there was far worse yet to come.

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    Survival Russian

    The English Invasion

    Russia may have become staunchly anti-Western, but it would be very hard to say the same thing about the language.

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    Stepping Back in Time

    Kenozersky National Park is a portal back in time, where the ways of life, traditions, and beliefs are those of many decades before.

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    The Wall: 25 Years Since Mauerfall

    Twenty-five years ago this month, the Berlin Wall was felled by a bureaucrat's misstatement. But then again the Wall was never on the side of history.

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    Word for Word

    Lilianna Lungina was a leading literary translator in the Soviet Union. Her autobiography was a huge bestseller in Russia and is finally appearing in English. We present a short excerpt.

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    The Museum of All Things

    Founded by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg's Kunstkamera is one of the world's oldest museums. Intended as a storehouse and library of all the world's knowledge, it has been both more and less than that.

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    It is likely no individual has had more graven public images cast of him than Vladimir Lenin. Recently, a Moscow exhibition delved into the early Soviet regime's search for the "perfect" Lenin, revealing plenty of rejected versions.

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    A Russo-Finnish Delicacy

    Tyanushki - hot caramel sauce - over cranberries is a perfect treat as fall sets in.

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    Under Review

    Memoirs and History

    A review of Elena Gorokhova's memoir, Russian Tatoo, The Devil's Alliance, by Roger Moorhouse, and The Kreutzer Sonata Variations, translated by Michael Katz. Also, a look at the amazing photo album book, Soviet Ghosts, by Rebecca Litchfield.

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    Goodbye Lenin?

    Lenin statues have been taking a beating lately, especially in Ukraine.

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