January 01, 2019

Legionnaire Photographer

Photos captured by an unknown Czech Legionnaire, during those troops’ long sojourn in Russia from 1916-1919, and their movement east across the country to eventual departure from Vladivostok. For more information on the Czech Legion, see Russian Life May/June 2016, and March/April 2012.

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The Long Retreat

The Long Retreat

Soviet Russia was never more threatened than when the Czech Legion nearly turned the tide in the Civil War (1918-1922). We follow the story of one noble family, whose fate was wrapped up in this dramatic historical episode.
The Murder of the Romanovs

The Murder of the Romanovs

The revolt of the Czech Legionnaires along the Trans-Siberian imperiled the young Bolshevik regime. And when they became successful, their actions helped precipitate the gruesome end to the Romanov dynasty.

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