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1. A Criminal Doll

An artist was arrested while fleeing to Kazakhstan for the use of prison tattoos in his artwork.

Tags: Krasnoyarsk, political prisoners, tattoo, art, dissent
2. The Grinch Who Regretted

"Dear residents! My deepest apologies. I confess I went too far with the alcohol. I am ready to financially compensate for the damage for the toys."

– A note from an anonymous Christmas tree thief from Krasnoyarsk, published January 10.
Tags: remorse, grinch, christmas tree, christmas, thief, krasnoyarsk
3. Planking, Police Play Squid Game, and "Plus-Sized" Models

In this week's Odder News, new planking record, Krasnoyarsk Squid Game, and 100% preschool attendance.

Tags: squid game, netflix, vogue, preschool, Krasnoyarsk, planking
4. Dressed to Kill Their Careers

There are worse fashion blunders than white socks and a self-tying tie, but the chief prosecutor’s office of Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Territory might disagree.

Tags: complaint, violation, shoes, ties, socks, Krasnoyarsk, dress code, prosecutor
5. Little Wanderers, Watery Kasha, and Flower Bouquets

In this week's Odder News, kids expect glamping and instead get camping, a missing baby is found after days of wandering, and a bouquet of flowers drives the internet wild.

Tags: camping, black sea, angela merkel, dogs, Krasnoyarsk, smolensk
6. Animals, Animals, Animals... and Faking Your Own Kidnapping

In this week's Odder News, Russian highway drivers stop for a duckling crossing, a woman fakes her own kidnapping and pays for it, and what does it signify if two black sphynx cats cross your path?

Tags: rostov, bitcoin, Krasnoyarsk, novosibirsk, cats, ducks
7. Flooded with Fun

Citizens of Krasnoyarsk are figuring out how to make the best out of a pretty water-logged situation. 

Tags: summer, weather, rivers, adventure, sports, water, flood, Krasnoyarsk
8. Drop and Give Me Fifty, Mr. Mayor

It's not very often that you see the mayor of a city get punished by a group of school-age children, but that's exactly what happened in Krasnoyarsk when mayor Sergei Eryomin lost a challenge.

Tags: politics, social media, school, children, technology, Krasnoyarsk
9. Russian Critters Cast Their Ballots

Putin might be a fan of Trump, but Russian zoo animals apparently aren't.

Tags: Krasnoyarsk, united states, politics, Trump, animals
10. Of pigs and cussing and parachutes

This week's Odder News, we cover everything from mummies to hogs, from cussing to bows and arrows. Oh, and skyscraper jumping...

Tags: st. petersburg, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, animals, language

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 15

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