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The End of Russian Animation?
January 01, 2011

The End of Russian Animation?

By Natasha Afanaseva

If the artists themselves are to be believed, Russian animation is in its death throes. After barely surviving the turmoil of the Soviet breakup, this beloved art form can no longer count on state support, nor can it embrace advertising, making its future uncertain at best.

Itinerant Exhibition
November 01, 2010

Itinerant Exhibition

By Tamara Eidelman

The bold artists who broke with the prevailing powers of the Russian Academy set in motion a revolution in Russian art that paralleled that of the French Impressionists.

Voloshin Poems
June 13, 2008

Voloshin Poems

By Constantine Rusanov

Translator Constantine Rusanov has crafted these wonderful English versions of 11 of Maximilian Voloshin's poems. They are reprinted here with permission. The copyright to the English versions remains with Mr. Rusanov. To see the English translations alongside the original Russian, download <a href="">this PDF file</a>.

Photo Favorites
December 02, 2001

Photo Favorites

A gallery of my favorite photographs from St. Petersburg Times photographers Alexander Belenky and Sergey Grachev.  These gentlemen have not published a picture I did not like.  My favorites are those that I feel best showcase their talents and portray Russian life and culture.

Amber Room
July 03, 2001

Amber Room

By Linda DeLaine

This gift from Germany to Peter I, taken away by Nazi Germany and feared to be lost forever to history has been partially reconstructed.

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