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Faith & Humor
December 01, 2011

Faith & Humor

A book that dares to explore the humanity of priests and pilgrims, saints and sinners, Faith & Humor has been both a runaway bestseller in Russia and the focus of heated controversy – as often happens when a thoughtful writer takes on sacred cows. The stories, aphorisms, anecdotes, dialogues and adventures in this volume comprise an encyclopedia of modern Russian Orthodoxy, and thereby of Russian life.

Russia on the March
November 01, 2010

Russia on the March

By Stella Rock

In recent years, a resurgent interest in religious pilgrimages has swept through Russia. Stella Rock joined 20,000 Russians on a 150-kilometer journey through Kirov region and brought back this story.

Floating Churches
May 01, 2008

Floating Churches

By Alexander Mozhayev

If the people can't come to church, then it may be time to take the church to the people. Alexander Mozhayev takes us on a visit to a church that makes its home along the river, aboard a converted barge.

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