July 14, 2022

The Most Important Thing We Have Done?

The Most Important Thing We Have Done?
The Altai. Andrei Kuzmin.

It is in all our interest to preserve, nurture, and cultivate free journalism within Russia. The current authoritarian regime will eventually end, and when it does, there should be journalists ready to help rebuild civil society.

Russian Life wants to help, giving honest and independent Russian journalists – currently unable to publish within Russia without being arrested, unable to make a living, unable to tell the world what is truly going on in Russia – a platform to reach a wider world and to get paid for their work.

The print edition of our magazine has physical limits on how much we can publish, so we have decided to expand our online platform to publish more fine journalism by independent Russian writers, making it accessible to the English-speaking world.



But, of course, journalism of this calibre does not come cheap. Not only must the authors and illustrators/photographers be paid, so must the translators and editors. And we only use the best.

If you would like to support this new work, supporting the writers, illustrators, editors, and translators who will be creating this work, please join us by becoming a monthly donor to this project.

Simply click the button below, choose your level of monthly (or one-time) support on Ko-fi (our donation platform of choice), and in just a few clicks you will be done!

In the interests of full transparency, we will provide regular updates on the progress of donations and the articles we publish with this support.

Thank you.

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