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1. The Timid Path

On December 12, 1801, 23-year-old Tsar Alexander I issued an ukaz. This particular decree was not something historians have considered extremely significant in the scheme of Alexander’s reign, but it merits attention for a few reasons.

Tags: land, reform, tsarism, alexander i
2. Troppau Protocol Signed

As Europe boiled and revolutions fomented, the rulers of Russia, Austria, and Prussia granted themselves the authority to invade other countries in order to maintain calm and protect the power of the ruling monarchs.

Tags: alexander i, tsarism, diplomacy
3. Tsarina: In the Winter Palace

Catherine I finds herself at a turning point upon the death of her husband, Peter the Great.

Tags: peter the great, tsarism, Catherine I
4. The Semyonovsky Regiment Revolts

How a progressive regiment was crushed by a single, petty man.

Tags: tsarism, st. petersburg, military
5. Russian Epidemics and Riots

The world's novel coronavirus emergency response is, it turns out, not so novel.

Tags: tsarism, conspiracies, epidemics, bubonic plague, cholera
6. Long Live Valeriy I!

Ivan the Terrible, notorious not only for being terrible, but also for killing his eldest son, may have finally found his heir.

Tags: tsarism, Ivan the Terrible, Ivan IV
7. The Story Behind an Inscription

An unexpected discovery in a library sends the author on an enthralling historical excursion.

Tags: tsarism, history, jewish
8. September and October

Stepping through hundreds of years of history, we look back at signal events that have occurred in these fall months.

Tags: reform, tsarism, pushkin
9. Catherine Seizes Power

On June 28, 1762, Catherine (born Sofia Frederika Augusta), the German wife of a weakened tsar, seized Russian throne. She soon earned the appellation "the Great."

Tags: tsarism, history, Catherine the Great
By Nikolai Pavlenko
10. Tsarevich Alexei and the Worst 10th Birthday Ever

Late July and early August were busy times in 1914: not only was Russia's own heir apparent celebrating his 10th birthday, the world was devolving into the military chaos of World War I.

Tags: romanov, romanovs, alexei, rasputin, world war i, russia, russian empire, tsarism
By Eugenia Sokolskaya

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