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1. Five Russian Words You May Be Misusing

The good news is that if you don't already speak Russian, you probably already know a few words in the language! The bad news is that you've also probably been using these words wrong.

Tags: kasha, bliny, gulag, babushka, english, translation, russian language, language, blog
2. The Case Against Foreign Lit

300 years of book burnings, banishments, and censorship in Russian books.

Tags: censorship, translation
3. Stalingrad

This is a short excerpt from the first-ever English translation (by Robert and Elizabeth Chandler) of Grossman’s epic novel of the turning point in World War II.

Tags: world war ii, translation, literature, Grossman, Stalingrad
4. On Translating Krylov

Our translator of Krylov's difficult fables shares how she approaches translation of this most colloquial of poets.

Tags: translation, krylov
5. March {Translation} Madness

A random query led us down a rabbit hole to see how online translation engines are humming these days. Won't you join us?

Tags: translation
By Paul E. Richardson & Olga Kuzmina
6. Russian Life Book Receives National Award

The classic work of Russian journalism, Moscow and Muscovites, by journalist Vladimir Gilyarovsky (translated by Brendan Kiernan), received the prestigious 2015 AATSEEL Award for Best Scholarly Translation into English.

Tags: Gilyarovsky, Moscow, history, journalism, books, translation
7. Translator's Note: Bulat Okudzhava

It's one thing to become famous as a writer or poet in your own country. But what does it take to earn yourself a spot in world literature? By describing the promise of Soviet poet, songwriter, and classic Bulat Okudzhava, translators offer us some insight.

Tags: bulat okudzhava, translation, poetry
By Eugenia Sokolskaya
8. Pasternak: A Great Translator Reflects on Translation

In honor of the International Day of the Translator, a few words from Boris Pasternak, the Russian voice of Shakespeare, on translating and the power of English.

Tags: boris pasternak, translation, english
By Eugenia Sokolskaya
9. Happy Translation Day

In honor of International Translation Day (September 30), we demonstrate rather graphically the value of having a good, human translator.

Tags: language, translation, Russian
By Paul E. Richardson
10. Translator Update #3: Making Sausage

If even gently pressed, I will readily admit to belonging to the Just Do It school of translation. I have never been big on translation theory, not least from fear of suffering the fate of the centipede who, on being asked how he managed to walk with so many legs, promptly fell over.

Tags: translation, chen, silk road trilogy
By Liv Bliss

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