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1. Mikhail Bulgakov

Reactions to Mikhail Bulgakov have changed so radically over the past hundred years, it is sometimes hard to believe that they all pertain to the same man – the revered author of The Master and Margarita we know today.

Tags: bulgakov
2. The Life and Death of the Thick Journal

There was a time when literary journals ruled Russian intellectual life. That time has passed.

Tags: solzhenitsyn, bulgakov, publishing, literature, fat journals, literary journals
3. Taking Stock

A look back at year end stock-taking, at changes that have been promised in years past, and promises that have been un-kept.

Tags: romanovs, revolution, bulgakov
4. Margarita, Salvage and the House of Government

In which we review a novel about Bulgakov and his love, Margarita (Mikhail and Margarita, by Julie Himes); Soviet Salvage, by Catherine Walworth; and The House of Government, by Yuri Slezkine.

Tags: bulgakov
5. The Bad Flat

Where better to begin a literary tour of Moscow than at Mikhail Bulgakov’s notoriously bad apartment, which had an important cameo in his most famous work.

Tags: moscow, satire, literature, bulgakov
6. False history and forensic literature

Fighting falsified Russian history, righting incorrect Bulgakovian history, and piecing together just what – and how unified – is the Russian nation. 

Tags: Russia, USSR, Putin, Bulgakov, nationalism, Unity Day
By Alice E.M. Underwood

Displaying: 1 - 6 of 6

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