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11. Liberated from Home

It was a very happy life, because we lived in peace, tranquility. And the fact that our acquaintances from Russia and relatives say that we were infringed upon in some way [by the Ukrainian authorities] is not true. We lived and rejoiced, made plans for the future. And now the 'liberators' have come and 'liberated' from all the good that was in our lives. Ruined, or rather, want to ruin our lives."

–  Julia, a nurse in Severodonetsk, a city in Donbass
Tags: Ukrainians, donbass, war in ukraine
12. Where the Streets Have Names

Ukraine has begun a "derussification" of street names, replacing them with names of important Ukrainians.

Tags: war in ukraine, culture, cities, Ukrainians, Ukraine
13. Filtration, Evacuation, Deportation

Many Ukrainians are trying to find their way after experiencing filtration camps, evacuations, and deportations.

Tags: Ukrainians, deportation, war in ukraine
14. For All Ukrainians

Now more than ever, every victory is important for Ukraine. This will further raise the morale of the Ukrainians, which is so needed now. We won not for ourselves, but for all Ukrainians."

–  Oleg Psyuk, member of Kalush Orchestra, winners of Eurovision 2022.
Tags: war in ukraine, Ukrainians, culture, music, eurovision

Displaying: 11 - 14 of 14

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