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1. Ten Years of Russian Crimea

Russian state media outlet Izvestia is celebrating ten years since the Crimean annexation with a special feature that's pure propaganda.

Tags: journalism, Crimea
2. A Video Song-Apology

Three waterpark employees in Crimea were fined and forced to sing "Vladimir Putin is Great" after dancing to a Ukrainian song.

Tags: dissent, police, music, verka serduchka, Crimea
3. Sought to Visit Sick Father, Arrested as Spy

A Ukrainian woman was on her way to visit her dying father in Crimea. Russian authorities detained her and accused her of espionage.

Tags: court, police, border, war in ukraine, Crimea
4. Screen Siege

TV channels in Crimea broadcast a message from the Ukrainian military.

Tags: crimea, war in ukraine, hacking, broadcast, television
5. A Dead Man Is Sending Bones

The French embassy in Moscow received a package from Crimea with bones inside. The sender was a dead Italian producer.

Tags: Moscow, international relations, packages, france, Crimea
6. Ukrainians Hack the Airwaves

Hackers intercepted radio stations in Crimea and played the Ukrainian national anthem, followed by the words, "Crimea will return home."

Tags: crimean war, war in ukraine, radio, Crimea
7. Conflict Conflagration

The Kerch Strait Bridge, a symbol of Russian unity, was hit and damaged by a blast.

Tags: transport, Crimea, war in ukraine
8. A Crime Against Passion

Crimean wedding-goers were arrested and fined after playing a patriotic Ukrainian song at their reception.

Tags: weddings, law, crimea, social issues, customs, culture
9. An Excuse to Persecute

Since the annexation of Crimea in 2015, Russian authorities have been targeting Crimean Tatar activists.

Tags: ethnic group, war in ukraine, tatars, Crimea
10. Independence, Educated

New material recognizing two Russia-friendly separatist regions in eastern Ukraine will soon be taught in Russian high schools. 

Tags: war in ukraine, Crimea, vladimir putin, russian history, education, independence

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 35

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