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11. 1983: The Scariest Year

Ambassador Jack Matlock had a front row seat for the final days of the US-Soviet Cold War and the collapse of the USSR. While working on his article, 1983: The Scariest Year (Mar/Apr 2013), Russian Life Publisher Paul Richardson conducted an email interview with Matlock, which is produced here in its entirety.

Tags: soviet union, gorbachev, reagan, cold war, nuclear arms
By Paul E. Richardson
12. 1972 ABM Treaty

English text of the 1972 Antilballistic Missile Treaty between the U.S. and Soviet Union.

Tags: abm treaty, 1972, cold war
13. Now THAT'S a Reset Button!

Life is always stranger than fiction, or, in this case, it may have been imitating [bad] fiction. Or at least so it seems from the transcripts of the case against Anna Chapman.

Tags: espionage, anna chapman, cold war, spies
By Paul E. Richardson
14. The Bogeyman

When it comes to bogeymen, China, Cuba, even North Korea can't hold a candle to old Mother Russia. This week, as tempers flared and theatrical protests abounded around health care, a woman offered this irrational take on proposed reforms at a town hall meeting ...

Tags: health care, russia, cold war
By Paul E. Richardson
15. ICBM Launch Agreement

Background information and text of the 1988 treaty between the U.S. and Soviet Union regarding ICBM and SLBM launches.

Tags: icbm, treaty, missiles, cold war
16. SALT I Treaty

Notes on the details of and need for the SALT I treaty.

Tags: salt treaty, cold war, soviet era
17. Post WWII Years; Pt. 2

Onset of the Cold War.

Tags: russia, soviet union, stalin, cold war
By Linda DeLaine
18. Post WWII Years; Pt. 3

Death of Stalin.

Tags: russia, soviet union, stalin, cold war
By Linda DeLaine

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