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23 April 2017

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1. Cold Hard Facts
By Mitya Aleshkovsky

I just returned from our village in Tver region, and have some sad news to share.

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Tags: healthcare, village life, elderly
2. Stargorod: A Novel in Many Voices

Stargorod is a mid-sized provincial city that exists only in Russian metaphorical space. It has its roots in Gogol, and Ilf and Petrov, and is a place far from Moscow, but close to Russian hearts. It is a place of mystery and normality, of provincial innocence and Black Earth wisdom. Strange, inexplicable things happen in Stargorod. So do good things. And bad things. A lot like life everywhere, one might say. Only with a heavy dose of vodka, longing and mystery.

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Tags: fiction, russian history, Aleshkovsky, village life, soviet era, perestroika

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