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1. Chernobyl: The State Secret
By Marina Latysheva

30 years ago today, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant had a meltdown: "Flames, sparks, and chunks of burning material went flying... These were red-hot pieces of nuclear fuel and graphite..."

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Tags: Chernobyl, nuclear, accident, Belarus, soviet
2. Venedikt Erofeev's Art of Alcoholism
By Alice E.M. Underwood

Vodka gets its fair share of PR as far as Russia is concerned. But is it always for the right reasons? October 24 marks the birth of Venedikt Erofeev, at least as well known for his drinking and vagrancy as for his writing.

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Tags: vodka, Erofeev, Soviet
3. Why Stalin Called Andrei Platonov "Scum" – with 8 Quirky Quotes
By Alice E.M. Underwood

Andrei Platonov spawned many an incongruous image and incomprehensible sentence. Compared by some scholars to James Joyce, he was critiqued by Stalin himself, yet he avoided prosecution. We dig into his challenging literary style.

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Tags: literature, soviet, stalin
4. The Tower of (Isaac) Babel
By Alice E.M. Underwood

July 13 is the anniversary of Isaac Babel's birth. Now celebrated as one of teh great writers of the twentieth century, he had a very difficult time gaining acceptance during his lifetime, and repeatedly suffered from antisemitism, official and otherwise.

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Tags: literature, soviet, civil war, jews
5. The Latchkey Murders

Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin is back on the case in this prequel to the popular mystery Murder at the Dacha, in which a serial killer is on the loose in Khrushchev’s Moscow...

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Tags: fiction, history, soviet, Khrushchev, Moscow
6. Murder at the Dacha

Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin has a problem. Several, actually. Not the least of them is the fact that a powerful Soviet boss has been murdered, and Matyushkin's surly commander has given him an unreasonably short time frame to close the case.

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Tags: fiction, history, soviet, Khrushchev, Moscow, Moscow
7. Afghanistan: A Second Chance?
By Paul E. Richardson

Thirty years ago, in 1979, the Persian Gulf was a tinderbox. On January 16, following months of uprisings, the Shah of Iran was overthrown. One month later, it looked like Afghanistan’s turn. The Soviet-backed thugs running the country had imposed radical social reforms, sparking a civil war and threatening pro-Soviet rule...

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Tags: afghanistan, soviet, intervention, war
8. Women Combat Aviators of the Patriotic War
By Linda DeLaine

Told that the Rodina was not in so bad a shape that she needed girls to protect her, these future heroes were sent home to their mothers.  Soon, they were called back and became a crucial element in the protection of their homeland and victory over Nazi Germany.

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Tags: soviet, women, pilots, WWII

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