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1. Russia's Greatest Crime Novel
By Alexei Bayer

When you set out to write a murder mystery in Russian – or even in another language, but set in Russia – you should be mindful that you are following in the footsteps the greatest Russian crime fiction writer of all times, Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

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Tags: dostoyevsky, fiction, novel
2. Peter Aleshkovsky: 2016 Russian Booker Laureate
By Paul E. Richardson

We were excited to learn that one of our authors, Peter Aleshkovsky, was awarded the 2016 Russian Booker Prize, arguably Russia's most prestigous literary prize. 

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Tags: Aleshhkovsky, fiction, awards, novel
3. Fish

This mesmerizing novel from one of Russia’s most important modern authors traces the life journey of a selfless Russian everywoman. In the wake of the Soviet breakup, inexorable forces drag Vera across the breadth of the Russian empire. Facing a relentless onslaught of human and social trials, she swims against the current of life, countering adversity and pain with compassion and hope, in many ways personifying Mother Russia’s torment and resilience amid the Soviet disintegration.

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Tags: Aleshkovsky, fiction, novel, village, provinces

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