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1. Peter Aleshkovsky: 2016 Russian Booker Laureate
By Paul E. Richardson

We were excited to learn that one of our authors, Peter Aleshkovsky, was awarded the 2016 Russian Booker Prize, arguably Russia's most prestigous literary prize. 

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Tags: Aleshhkovsky, fiction, awards, novel
2. The Moscow Eccentric

Advance reviewers are calling this new translation "a coup" and "a remarkable achievement." This rediscovered gem of a novel by one of Russia's finest writers explores some of the thorniest issues of the early twentieth century.

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Tags: Bely, fiction
3. Russophile's Bookshelf
By The Editors

A few books we have received recently that we thought Russophiles should know about.

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Tags: books, history, memoir, fiction
4. The Latchkey Murders

Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin is back on the case in this prequel to the popular mystery Murder at the Dacha, in which a serial killer is on the loose in Khrushchev’s Moscow...

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Tags: fiction, history, soviet, Khrushchev, Moscow
5. Yolka
By Mikhail Zoshchenko

As a special gift, we share a somewhat untypical holiday story, reprinted from the pages of Chtenia, by the master humorist and short story writer Mikhail Zoshchenko. 

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Tags: zoshchenko, christmas, holidays, fiction
6. Dostoyevsky Bilingual

Dostoyevsky becomes the third Russian author to get Chtenia's Bilingual Treatment. Including a series of short, lesser known, but highly significant works that show the traditional view of Dostoyevsky as a dour, intense, philosophical writer to be uneccesarily one-sided.

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Tags: dostoyevsky, bilingual, fiction, language
7. Murder at the Dacha

Senior Lieutenant Pavel Matyushkin has a problem. Several, actually. Not the least of them is the fact that a powerful Soviet boss has been murdered, and Matyushkin's surly commander has given him an unreasonably short time frame to close the case.

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Tags: fiction, history, soviet, Khrushchev, Moscow, Moscow
8. Stargorod: A Novel in Many Voices

Stargorod is a mid-sized provincial city that exists only in Russian metaphorical space. It has its roots in Gogol, and Ilf and Petrov, and is a place far from Moscow, but close to Russian hearts. It is a place of mystery and normality, of provincial innocence and Black Earth wisdom. Strange, inexplicable things happen in Stargorod. So do good things. And bad things. A lot like life everywhere, one might say. Only with a heavy dose of vodka, longing and mystery.

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Tags: fiction, russian history, Aleshkovsky, village life, soviet era, perestroika
9. Aristocrats, Churches and Noir
By Paul E. Richardson

Reviews of five interesting new books for Russophiles: Former People, Nevsky, St. Petersburg Noir, Wooden Churches and Russian Film Posters.

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Tags: books, reviews, churches, fiction
10. Interview with Author William Ryan
By Paul E. Richardson

William Ryan’s second book featuring MVD Detective Alexei Korolev, The Darkening Field, was released on January 3, 2012. Russian Life Publisher Paul E. Richardson interviewed Ryan about the genesis for his character and the challenges of situating a novel in Soviet Russia.

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Tags: fiction, literature, babel, purges, history

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