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1. The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas

This exciting new trilogy by a Russian author – who has been compared to Orhan Pamuk and Umberto Eco – vividly recreates a lost world, yet its passions and characters are entirely relevant to the present day. Full of mystery, memorable characters, and non-stop adventure, The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas is a must read for lovers of historical fiction and international thrillers.

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Tags: literature, silk road trilogy, central asia, history, Kickstarter
2. Translator Update #1: Getting to know Nanidat
By Liv Bliss

The first of a series of updates from Liv Bliss, translator of the Silk Road Trilogy, as she updates readers on her progress on the translation of Dmitry Chen’s Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas.

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Tags: translation, chen, central asia
3. Publishing... Flipped!
By Paul E. Richardson

It is conventional wisdom that old-fashioned, ink and pulp publishing is in its death throes. But what if there were a way to "flip" the publishing model in a manner that preserves what is good, adopts what is new and useful, and filters out what is harmful and useless? I think we have found a way...

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Tags: publishing, Russia, Central Asia, Kickstarter

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