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Maxim Amelin

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Maxim Amelin, born in 1970, is a poet, essayist, and translator, as well as a scholar and managing editor for the publishing house OGI. His transla- tions of Pindar and Catullus, as well as of Italian, Georgian, Ukrainian, and other poets have earned acclaim. He has won, among other prizes, the Antibooker (1998), the Novyi Mir Prize (1998), the Moscow Reckoning (2004), and the Znamya Prize (2010). He has released edited, annotated editions of Count Khvostov, Aleksandr Izmailov, and Sergey Neldikhen, and has edited numerous poetry anthologies. Amelin lives in Moscow.

There's No Peace on Earth or in Heaven

Chtenia: Spring 2012

Author: Maxim Amelin
Translator: Derek Mong and Anne O. Fisher
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