March 13, 2020

Russians "Re-Zero" in Online Humor

Russians "Re-Zero" in Online Humor

After weeks of denying his intent to alter the constitution so as to extend his time in office, President Vladimir Putin has announced that he supports the idea of being able to run for president again – possibly extending his rule to 2036, when he will be 84 years old.

Resetting the presidential term clock to zero, or обнуление, immediately sparked online mirth, even though the word does not officially exist. Few other means of expressing opposition to the rapid adoption of the constitutional amendments are available, especially as authorities further limit public gatherings due to the new coronavirus pandemic while expressing criticism is being likened to anti-Russian treason.

Here are some of our favorite memes being shared on the RuNet.

"The State Duma supported the idea to re-zero the years from the Birth of Christ and to start the count from the Birth of Vladimir Putin" [Link]

"Can I re-zero the amount of calories I consumed today? V important." [Link]

Writer Linor Goralik with a rephrasing of Pushkin's tale of The Little Humpbacked Horse.
See the original here.


Obnulenin - a re-zeroed Lenin mausoleum [LINK]

Moscow city Duma member Darya Besedina, one of a handful of opposition lawmakers, sports a playful opposition t-shirt that her pro-Kremlin colleagues found offensive.

Loketsi Street art
Street artist Loketski creates Obnulin, a new "drug to counter democracy" LINK

You are my first
– You know, you are my first.
– Really?
– Well, after re-zeroing.


Convicts posing
"Convicts are also requesting that a rezeroing of their terms is added to the constitution." LINK

Tic Tac To a la Russe
Russian tic-tac-to. LINK

Gagarin and Tereshkova
A meme-meeting between Yury Gagarin, and Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space who was the one who suggest Putin should be able to run again:
– How is it going, kids?
– Yura, forgive us, we have re-zeroed everything!"


And of course the requisite cat meme.
Cats Meme
– I am against rezeroing of terms. – Only if the Constitutional Court allows it. – We will allow it. – Ok, let's.


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