February 24, 2022

An Appalling, Illegal Act

An Appalling, Illegal Act

Russian Life magazine has zero connection with or affinity for the Russian government. Since 1995, Russian Life has been an independent, privately-owned magazine whose first allegiance is to its readers. Our mission is to tell interesting and illuminating stories on Russian culture, history, and society. We rarely concern ourselves with politics.

We are appalled by the Russian government’s aggression against Ukraine and its invasion of that independent, sovereign nation. It is an illegal, unjustified, unprovoked act that is in direct violation of international law. It will wreak untold suffering and death upon Ukrainians and Russians, crimes for which the Kremlin bears full responsibility.

We support the strongest of European and American economic and political sanctions against the Russian government, even if, sadly, they will bring hardship to the Russian people. Sanctions should employ every possible nonviolent measure to isolate, shame, and punish the Kremlin for this heinous act, including a public boycott of Russian goods, and banning international travel to and from Russia.

For the Russian people, who for hundreds upon hundreds of years have suffered countless indignities under authoritarian regimes such as the one now carrying out this inexcusable war, we have boundless sympathy. We will continue to tell their stories with empathy and curiosity for as long as there are readers willing to support what we do.

If you wish to help Ukraine and Ukrainians, NPR has compiled a nice list of organizations providing essential aid.

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