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Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Name: Olya Virich

Age: 26

Profession: Photographer

City: Krasnodar

How long have you been doing photography? I began in 2004 and mainly like to do street photography.

Your website?

Your instagram?

Can you give us a short description of your city? Krasnodar is the capital of the Krasnodar Kray (or, as it is commonly called, the Kuban), Russia's southernmost region. Two-thirds of the Kray is plains, one-third is mountains – the Northern Caucasus. It is washed by two seas: the Black and the Azov. The city's former name was Yekaterinodar, in honor of Tsarina Catherine II, who gave Kuban to the local cossacks and who founded the city here in 1793. Krasnodar is Russia's agricultural kingdom. 

What is something about your area that only locals would know? (1) There is a legend that, when Shukhov's Hyperboloid Tower was filled with water, a local kept a crocodile there. (2) Krasnodar has the world's highest number of malls per capita. (3) In the summer, Krasnodar's taxi drivers charge extra to turn on their air conditioning.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your area? The ship crossing in Adygey. The local VDNKh that has been turned into "Skazka," a collection of children's parks. The skate park in the forest near the Olymp Sporting Center. The ancient Vsesvyatskoye Graveyard in the center of the city. 

  • Why the E?

    You can often meet such a beautiful letter "E" in Krasnodar. The reason is that earlier Krasnodar was named Yekaterinodar, because Yekaterina the great presented these lands to Cossacks (though my teacher of history told it was more like sending them into exile). Not so long ago authorities wanted to rename Krasnodar as Yekaterinodar, but locals didn't want to. And now these "E"s are everywhere. 

    Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

  • Winter

    Snow in winter is a rare occasion in Krasnodar, so when snow falls everyone hurries to put it to good use.  Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

  • Fight you will

    These are fantasy role players, whom you can meet in the Botanical garden near the Agricultural institute. Sometimes they organize big games. Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

  • Bird man

    There is a place near Sennoy Market where you can rent an apartment for hours or days. Mostly elderly women are involved in this business but also you can always meet there this man. He feeds pigeons that sit right on his head, says that they like chocolate with coffee, says that people smile and take photos of him and what else - he offered to find me a good husband. Earlier there was a pineapple lying in a flowerbed nearby. I'm sure he had something to do with it. Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

  • Yard

    The centre of Krasnodar is abundant in cosy old yards, many of which remind me of Georgia. There would be laundry drying in the wind, many doors would be left unlocked, with children playing by the water wells. Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

  • Eternal Flame

    Cadets are changing the guard at the eternal flame. Behind the flame there is the oldest cemetery in Krasnodar - Vsesvyatskoye. It was founded in early 1830s. Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

  • Carpet

    In Krasnodar people love to decorate their gardens. This is not the best example, but here there is a carpet and artificial lilies.  Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

  • Sennoy Market

    This is Sennoy market, where you can buy the freshest and the most delicious products. Points of interest: saleslady Venera, fresh pomegranate juice, and Georgian eating house near the entrance. Photo by Olya Virich / @viricholya from Krasnodar

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