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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Name: Alexander Podgorchuk

Age: 37

Profession: Photographer

City: Kaliningrad

Can you give us a short description of your city? Where is it located? What is it famous for? Kaliningrad is Russia's westernmost city. It is cut off from the "mainland" of the country by Lithuania and Belarus. The sea port is Russia's main naval base in the Baltic Sea.

What are some things that only locals would know about the city? 

  • Up until 1945, the city was in German territory.
  • The city's architectural "face" was seriously disfigured during the Soviet era. 
  • It is the world's largest source for amber.
  • Every resident of the oblast has visited Vilnius or Warsaw, but few have been to Moscow.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your city? Kant, the Cathedral, the huge unfinished House of Soviets, the sea, amber, the weather.

Anything else? It is a very interesting city, especially from the point of view of news. Things are never quiet here. Something is always happening. It is a rather lively and mercurial city. There are lots of visitors from all over and thus lots of different kinds of people.

Instagram: @podgorchuk

  • Dip

    Frosty winter dip in the Baltic Sea, Zelenogradsk.

    Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Owl

    At the wild animal shelter

    Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Snowman

    In the city center

    Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Shelter

    Shelter for wild animals in a village outside the city.

    Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Cathedral

    Cathedral Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • House of Soviets

    The House of Soviets which has been an unfinished bit of construction since 1986. Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • City Admin

    Administrative building of Kaliningrad. Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Fishing Village

    View of fishing village from the river Pregol Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Operating Room

    At the main city hospital. Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Pier

    Iced over pier in Zelenogradsk. Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Surgery

    Surgery center at the city's main hospital. Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Ruins

    More on the excavation Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Excavation

    Excavation in the city center, on the site of the royal palace exploded in 1945. Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Ready!

    More military training Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Run

    Military training Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

  • Flag

    Woman with a flag at the city's Central Square Alexander Podgorchuk / @podgorchuk

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