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1. Don't Bungle Your Bowels, Eat Sauerkraut

"Sauerkraut that can almost completely solve the problem with dysbiosis. This is because it contains a fairly large amount of dietary fiber, which is a good nourishment for your microflora, and immunity largely depends on the work of the intestines.”

– Nutritionist Andrey Solotarev on what might be good for the gut.
Tags: canning, microbiome, microflora, doctor's orders, sauerkraut, cabbage
2. Canning Worth Its Salt

What better way to celebrate the shifting seasons than with a review of the delicious things you might find stored away in a Russian pantry for colder days. Recipes included!

Tags: compote, vodka infusion, vodka, canned tomatoes, recipes, winter, fruits, vegetables, canning
3. A Can-ny Campaign Strategy

“Lids are very relevant seasonal paraphernalia for many. Everyone accepted the gifts, even adherents of other political views.”

– Local news from, on United Russia’s election campaign strategy.
Tags: pickle, canning, election, campaign, united russia, federal assembly, elections, duma

Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3

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